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DoggiBags Boutique and Embroidery

601 W. Main Street
Leesburg, FL 34748



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The Doggibags clothing line is different than what you will find in any other boutique because we are very careful about what we carry. We specialize in casual-dress for the sophisticated woman. Every piece of clothing is specifically chosen so that the line remains constant.

Doggie Bags Boutique.JPG

Gary Lee Sligh Fabric Arts

609 W Main St

Leesburg, FL 34748



I started stitching when I was in the 6th grade.  My teacher could knit and teach at the same time, and I thought that was the coolest thing ever, so I took a couple of pencils and some yarn and figured it out.  All these years later, I am still exploring fabric arts.

I opened my shop in Downtown Leesburg, Florida in November of 2018.  I have thousands of cross stitch patterns, fabrics, threads, and supplies.  I also have a nice collection of needlepoint yarns and canvas.  I carry a full selection of Harrisville Shetland weavning yarns as well.

Gary Sligh Fabric Arts, Downtown Leesburg, FL

Grand Gator Sportswear

717 W Main St

Leesburg, FL 34748



Professional Framing the Way You Want It Done. At Grand Gator we offer professional framing done with our expertise and just the way you want it. We also carry many gift ideas for your favorite Florida College teams. Many items to choose from for students, parents of students, children and pets as well. We can help you choose great gifts for your favorite Gator or Seminole fan. Contact us today.

Grand Gator Sportswear.jpg
Grand Gator Logo Sign.jpg

Linda's Soap Box

715 West Main St.
Leesburg, Florida 34748



I started making many of my own products with simple, natural ingredients. At first, it seemed like an overwhelming task, but I just started with one thing at a time and soon, my daily routine consisted of all-natural products that were safe and beneficial for even the most sensitive skin. Lots of love and careful attention have been put into each item.

Linda's Soap Box Logo.jpg
Linda's Soap Box02.jpg

Main Street Antiques

220 W Magnolia Street
Leesburg, Florida 34748



We are a "one-stop shopping," BOUTIQUE! Offering a wide variety of Antiques, & Collectables, along with Classes and Rentals. Main Street Antiques has so many items for you to shop and browse for at your leisure.

Main Street Antiques of Leesburg

Not Just Cardboard

208 W. Main St.



Collectibles & Comics (

with Mcfarlanes, Vintage Posters, Auto's, and Cards!

Not Just Cardboard Logo.png
Comic Books.jpg
Sports card collectibles for sale

Uncommon on Sixth

103 S Sixth St. Leesburg, Florida 
Leesburg, Florida 34748



In fiber arts, I have truly found my niche. I love the process of studying weave structures, getting out draft paper, and colored pencils to sketch out designs, then choosing an impasto of colored fibers inspired by nature and my travels to be combined with fibers I've dyed or hand-painted to create a unique textile. By adding embellishments and texture through the use of alternative fibers and natural or vintage objects I produce a collaged piece teaming with color ranging from subtle earthy tones to bright sunny jeweled hues. My textiles whether functional or artistic, always reflect atmospheres, energies, and moods teeming with humanness, frivolity, and the patina of life. The look and feel of a handmade textile, the textures, and color all inspire my creations. Each piece forms a bridge across time, people, places, and cultures resulting in an expression of my unique artistic vision. As layers are added, some details are obscured, some are accentuated, some are embellished, and new ones simply appear. The successive layers of my process are refined and eventually articulate the voice of the piece resulting in a multi-dimensional work of depth and dimension with bold design and fine detail. Like the world around us, my art is a multilayered study of color, pattern, light, and texture. I love creating beautiful textiles but more importantly, I hope that my textiles envoke feelings, memories, and expressions of joy and hope.

Uncommon on Sixith Art Studio
Toni Stokes marshall.JPG
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